Monday, 21 July 2008

Four weeks in

Rome wasn't built in a day. Or four weeks. Well, neither was our house going to be! Here we are though, end of week four (out of scheduled 18) of our renovation (week 1 reset with the new builders - we think very little of BJAS - Before Jon Avory & Sons).

Much of what the guys have done over the last four weeks has been documented already, and week four was more of the same but also included some important milestones.

More stud wallsGing and Kev cracked on with battening all of the inside of all the external walls to no.4. These will be packed with Thermafleece before plasterboarding over. This should reduce our heat loss through the brick walls to virtually zero.

Boot room mk. 2! The frame and brick piers left by the cowboys got ripped up. A nice new concrete (sorry, we had to use some somewhere!) floor poured in, a new timber inner frame and a nice course of blockwork (which will later be rendered). Jon's been a busy boy here! And Josh just kept on mixing those mixes and clearing up others' mess! Note the outside brew station on the block.


A major event for us Matt starting to fit the Velux suntunnel. The above two photos show the sited external roof window (nice flat fit and finish - none of those hideous little crystal domes other manufacturers use) from above in the slate roof, and from inside looking up form the landing through the rafters. A mirrored rigid tube will be connected to the external window to transfer the light down through the attic and through a diffuser above the landing at the top of the stairs meaning natural light during daylight. All the latter has to wait until everything is plastered up before we can see it in action. The guys did comment just how much light this little window let through when they cut the hole in the roof to accommodate it.

And another milestone was seeing the term 'first fix' in practice! The term was consigned to memory banks long ago, and to finally see first fix electrics going in was brill. Danny (Hereward Elecrtical) and Andy came in over the weekend to first fix the inside whilst they had free run of an empty building.

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We have a 'hiseous little crytal dome' and we think it rather fetching, AKSHERLY.