Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Day 13 - wet, but spirits definately not dampened!

No photos of the exterior today cos it not stopped 'issing down! The guys have been great (again), simply donning waterpoofs (for them outside) and getting on with it despite the constant rain.

Rain just doesn't dampen spirits or slow down work (not that we can see any road!). Jon finished rebuilding the back wall complete with new opening for the two french door sets; Ging and Sean completed reinforcing the floor joists to the first floor extension (nice work guys!) and fixed the brickwork around them; Kev and Matt continued on the roof until they ran out of slate (just proves how much roof surface we now have in that the old roof had a pile of slate left over, the new roof they are about 10% short); Josh laboured all day clearing barrow loads of crap, mixing barrow loads of cement, etc - not fun on a wet day! And Jon, not one for resting on laurels, began knocking out the opening for the ground floor living room window. i'm telling you, these guys graft. Everyday sees visible progress - it's great!

The three photos below show you to some extent the new open plan living room, including the new french door opening and the new opening going in for the new 2.6m wide window.

Taken from the corner by one of the french door openings.

Looking back diagonally across to where I took the above photo.

The two french door openings from taken from the same spot. Our new living room is gonna be large, bright and airy - cant wait!

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