Monday, 7 July 2008

Day 11 - exposed rear!

The beginning of week three sees two new hands on deck, Jon's two other sons Josh (fresh from getting his 2:1 at uni) and young Max who is on site as part of his schools 'go to work with a parent week'. So, we now have seven (!) on sites, Jon Avory, four sons Matt, Sean, Josh and Max, Kev and, of course, Ging the Ginger Lover in all his glory!

Day 11 sees the back wall of no.4 dismantled, brick by brick. So, by mid-afternoon we had a gaping great hole in the rear of the house!

Below, young Max spends most of his time chipping off the old lime morter so as they can be re-used when it comes to refacing part of the front (replacing the painted bricks revealed by removing the front porch).

By the end of the day the wooden frames mark where the french door openings go, and the first couple of courses of breeze blocks are in.

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