Saturday, 12 July 2008

Day 15 - weathertight!

Well, for the first time in many, many months the house is again weathertight! The guys have finished creating all the new window and door openings - the two gable end window openings, two french door openings, and altered the first floor dormer windows which were too high - and once done, they could all be boarded up to keep out the elements!

Inside you can see the newly lowered window openings (the top strip was filled in later). They had been made 20cm too high! They look and feel right now and Liz can even see out of them! With the first floor dormer floor joists now finished, Sean and Ging layed the new floor.

On the roof, Matt and Kev cracked on through the crap weather (not a great week weather-wise for roofing) and got as far as they could until they ran out of slate. About 10% more to do next week.

This is what those living a little further down the drove from us see as they whizz past. Just wait until those gable end windows are in - its gonna look fab! This is what it used to look like -

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