Monday, 11 February 2008


IMPORTANT NOTE - this post relates to the work undertake by Hampton Construction (not Jon Avory & Sons).

Can you believe it - we're updating our blog and we've got progress to report!!

With the new ground floor done, and winter taking hold, Max and the guys turned their attention to the outside! Brrrrr! So scaffold went up at the back and they began stripping off the old first floor dormer extension (above).

In next to no time the frame of the new first floor extension began to take shape (above) and the new pitched roof added (below).

It even looks like were getting somewhere on the inside, with the Thermafleece insulation being stuck between the timber frame.

And before we knew it, the slates were going on to the new back roof - wow! The only down side of the roof was the state of the original. It was pretty much shot. The guys have saved around 50% of the slates, so we're using new slate on all the back and then when we get to sticking the three solar panels on the front, the whole front roof will be stripped, re-felted, re-battened and re-slated using the original slate saved from the front and back, so it should still look old and match the neighbours!

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Sylvia said...

Blimey - a roof! I mean, its all very well getting back to nature, but you were getting really quite close.