Sunday, 13 January 2008

Frame it!

IMPORTANT NOTE - this post relates to the work undertake by Hampton Construction (not Jon Avory & Sons).

Now that the long Christmas break is over, Max and the lads are back and its full steam ahead. It was nice to have the break from the work, but its really exciting to see some progress and think that it'll all be finished this year. The floor was finished just before Chrsitmas to give a great new space. It feels warmer already, the effect of the damp proofing and insulation making its mark.

With all this progress, we wondered what had happened to the smallest room...

The footings and frame for the boot room were also finished before Christmas. This will be the most used entrance to the house, where we can dump our muddy boots and wellies. The front door will be for visitors!

Now the scaffolding is up at the back, the old dormer is mostly dismantled and the new framing is up - all in a few days! Now we need it to stop raining so the roof can come off. It could take a while!

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Sylvia said...

Ah. You know, when they say 'outside loo', I'm not sure that's what they mean . . .

And here's to more suitable weather. How on earth long is all that cement going to take to dry?