Monday, 5 March 2012

A little gardening

So, now we've finished the house its time for a little gardening! Work began just over a week ago clearing the site which is 27m wide and 17m deep - a fair size space to play with!

Towards the end of clearing of the garden of four unwanted sheds (inherited from when we bough the cottages, a leylandii hedge and leveling the site.

To see how cluttered the garden was see previous posts inc. this one here.

One week on, the site is cleared and level and work begins on the main garden feature - the pond! It will be around 7m long and 1.5m wide and dyke-like reflecting our fenland area. It will be part raised to and edged with oak sleepers which will double up as seating around the deepest part of the pond. And at 6ft deep it will also be able to winter all the wildlife that will eventually inhabitat it - dragonfly larvae, diving beetles, etc. Can't wait!

We're very pleased to be using -

Debbie Cooke
Creative Garden Design

James & Joel Ashton (and team Tony, Jez and Shaun)
Hazelwood Landscapes

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