Monday, 18 June 2012

Garden update - its nigh on finshed?

Are they ever finished? Nah, course they arent! Hazelwood Landscapes finished in April Liz and garden designer, Debbie Cooke (Creative Garden Design), planted much of the beds in late April and early May. Since my return from Lesvos three weeks ago we've been adding and I've been playing with the pond!

The bare earth areas are seeded grass areas. The one neared the house is a clover-rich lawn and the banked end of the pond (looking orangey here) and the earth around it near the birch tree is a sown meadow mix.

The pond looking great with the planted common reed along the house end. The near 'wild' end will get planted up once the wild meadow mix has taken hold around its banks.

Last photo is the view from our kitchen windows.

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Rene said...

Look forward to sitting out in Sept and being waited on by my eldest chicken.