Monday, 5 January 2009

New year, new kitchen, new shower-room

Well, to be absolutely honest, it was thankfully all installed before xmas, just, and we've just loved having both a new kitchen and the fab space it brings to the house over teh holiday period.

Still a bit to do - splashbacks etc, and like most of the house, we now just have to get round to decorating it!

The downstairs shower-room was also finished just in time for Elsie's (Liz's Mum) arrival for three weeks. This was a dummy run of her groundfloor bedroom and shower-room ahead of her moving in with us in February. And she's got on with thigns brilliantly. Just a few tweaks - like moving the drain in the floor so the rooms drains properly!

The corridor from the kitchen to the living room with the sliding door to the shower-room on the left, and just visible, door to Elsie's bedroom on the right.

Xmas and colds stopped play over the holidays. It was nice to have a rest, and with both of us falling to the xmas lurgy we wouldn't have managed much anyway!


I said...

Eureka! I've been trying to post this for so long that I've forgotten the purpose of it at all.
Well i wish I had such a kitchen and would think it a dream. But I am a woman.Liz is very suss though; I'm sure she will happily plaster a wall whilst Steven roasts the pheasant he killed with his own hands. What a man!
To get back to said kitchen --- Is there a smoking bay? If not, why not? A bit of smoke once a year won't do much harm but would make an old woman feel less of a pariah.

xxx Kitchen is great. What else is there to say?

Sylvia said...

It is, indeed, extremely lovely. Tell you what, I, maybe you could smoke in the boot room, and blow the smoke out through the slug-flap . . .

Sylvia said...

STEVE! How are the fake logs doing? our supplier has run out of wood, and I showed Jeremy your link. He wants to know if the logs burn with a flame? And I want to know, are they as fabulous as you think they are?

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