Sunday, 14 September 2008

Meet the builders #2 = Sean (Mr Good Looking)

Known as: good looking, gorgeous, any any other complimentary remark about his sheer good looks

Age: c.21

Job: general builder - chippy, bricky, etc (see Ging), and being simply too good looking to be real

Marital status: hooked up but talks a good single bloke's talk - well you do when you're so good looking

Likes: just being good looking, beer, women, mirrors - oh, and bike racing (presumably for good looking blokes only) and Ging

Dislikes: presumably dirty mirrors, bad hair days - he's a chippy bloke really and hasnt really expressed any major dislikes!

Heard to say: 'well, when you're as good looking as me Steve . . . '; 'its all brand new'; and my favourite banter moment with the good looking one -
Sean: you ever been to America Steve?
Steve: no
Sean: what never?! (he clearly thought I should have been being so well travelled and good looking myself)
Steve: no
Sean: I'd love to go
Steve: why?
Sean: (pause) . . . to 'do' all the women!
Steve: what all of them?
Sean: well, I'll have a good go!

Oh, and did I mention he is good looking? Not sure about the face furniture though.
Sean is so good looking I thought he deserved a second photo.

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