Wednesday, 28 May 2008


IMPORTANT NOTE - this post relates to the work undertake by Hampton Construction (not Jon Avory & Sons).

We've ended up living one of those building jobs from hell in recent months. What seemed to start out fine, suddenly soured and we've been left high and dry. But we have at long last got shot of our old builder and are now searching for a new one. Not easy, builders dont like taking on other builders work.

Here's some photos showing you just what a mess the bastards left us in.

The plastic cover over teh flat roof we had to do after the roof gave up and the bathroom was flooded by a torrent of water gushing through! The weatherboarding has already started to come off (just weeks after it went on!), and the window opening remain exposed to the elements.

And the unprotected roof ridge leaked and the wet patch over our bed just got bigger with every downpour!

This is what they called adequately covering the join between our roof and our neighbour.

Live electric cables left hanging in the air!

They knocked this whole in the gable end the day before they took off for two weeks holiday! Not only was it exposed, but the three accros they've put in place aren't doing much to hold up the end of the roof!


Sylvia said...

Dined with Anna and Chris last week, and got a bit of your news. You haven't been blogging it! It's a blogger's gift, that is!


I trust that that glow is, after all, daylight, not the oncoming train.

Ann said...

That looks pretty brutal. Glad things are coming along. You are doing a very nice job. Greetings from Canada.