Thursday, 30 October 2008

Week 19

Well, our original 18 week schedule came to an end last Friday, but, as you can see from these photos, things arent quite finished!

To be fair to Jon and the guys they would have been off site last week had we not ended up with additional unforeseens and extra jobs we undertook whilst we had the house back to bare walls and floors. To be honest, we're amazed that we are only over-running by a week when we must have added 3-4 weeks additional work on to the job!

Internally the whole of no.3 is now plastered out (no more photos - there's only so much excitement a photo of a newly plastered wall!), but the last week has mainly been about windows and patios.

Below, the additional first floor windows (x3) and the ground floor boot room window went in last week.

Once these were in, and the frame for the folding sliding doors installed, Dain returned to finished the ground floor rendering. Rendering done, Jon jumped on the folding sliding doors this week and bingo! What a difference!

And this is what they do.

And from the inside, all closed up . . .

. . . a little bit of fresh air . . .

. . . and bringing the outdoors inside.

Outside Ging and Sean have done a superb job with the second of the patio areas, this one outside the new kitchen, complete with shallow ramp down to the lower patio level behind no.4. We're really pleased that we've managed to pave the entire area with slabs we already had - a great bit of recycling!

Here you can see the rear of the property from the kitchen folding sliding doors (old no.3) across the back of old no.4.

And the obligatory shot from my favourite viewpoint!

All the windows have been dressed with Aluuwood (alluminium with fine wood veneer) blinds. here are the blinds in the ground floor gable end windows of the new open plan living room.

With the kitchen and shower-room floors going down this week, all internal doors hung, its down to all those fiddly jobs. Oh, and the fitting the new kitchen!

Watch this space as Fri 7 Nov approaches. Will the guys be off site?


ging and sean said...

yo steve blog is looking good, hope all is well 4 ya and im sure i will c u again soon but for now im off 2 the lovley les arcs. keep in touch dude this is mine and seans skiing blog
and my email
good luck with the paiting, and remeber 9 outta 10 older women find u hotter then me and sean but 9 outta 10 women of all ages and sorts just find me and sean hotter than any mother trucker out there!!!

c ya soon bud

Sylvia said...

And all I can think is that every newly plastered wall will have to be newly painted too . . .

We never get enough pics of the boot room. Enough mentions, oh yes, but where are the pictures?

Steve said...

Ging and Sea n - thanks guys. Love the work you done here and will check out your skiing blog with the hope of seeing some hot action!

Sylvia - the boot room is too small to get anything decent. We will try a special shot ofr you soon!

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